Taureans tell tall stories so try not to act on what they say this week. Having patience in affairs of the heart can pay back dividends. You are about to experience the fine art of seduction.


This is a fabulous time to run with the ideas that you had at the beginning of the year but were unable to put into action. Conversations with Geminis might shed light on a family matter that needs to be solved as soon as possible.


Be careful what you say to Aries, who are going to be taking your words more literally than you may think. You have the power to make or break people's confidence this week, so act responsibly.


Your ability to see both sides of a situation helps you to save your name in business. This week is set to see you make brilliant new contacts in your work, opening important doors for you.


Aries link to unexpected but very exciting events that take place. You may have to tell a white lie to a friend in order to do what you want with who you want this day. Do not feel bad about doing so.


What you may have problems doing this week is keeping the event that transpired last month under wraps for much longer. What I know is that its exposure will be the making of you. Stay positive, good things are on the way.


Mercury is ensuring that you have fun over the coming days and that you are finally able to separate the past from the future and not a moment too soon.

I am sure you will agree.


Cash outlays link to the abode and you may well have to pay out some of your money for something which you will not see, but is sure to save you money in the long run.


You start this day on a high, as you should at long last know that your feelings toward a certain person are reciprocated.

Indeed, you should now be able to lay firm plans for the future.


The home is highlighted Today and will be demanding not only your time but also your cash. Do not try to cut corners, though, or you will only be creating more expenses for yourself in the future.


You are jealous of the time that a close one is spending with a loved one.

No one seems to enjoy your company today. Make yourself into someone they might be more likely to spend the day with.


There are some important money worries that you must deal with if you are to have a stress-free week. Indeed, you may think that it is better to ignore them but you would be wrong. Sort them out today and you will thank yourself later.