#American women are worse off than ever. Rape, as well as sexual and domestic violence, are now seen as pre-existing conditions. A bill that just passed through the Senate by the #Republican party has the potential to end years of fair and logical healthcare for Americans under Obamacare.

Even though Republicans have been sold the message that state-controlled medicine is a bad thing because the government gets in the way of the #patient-doctor relationship, this is not the case. Far worse, is that there will be no patients under the new bill if it passes, as it drastically cuts and hampers #healthcare for women of color and those women on low incomes.

Yet again, #the Republican Party, increasingly the party of old, white angry men, has taken aim at the weak and the disadvantaged, which is really the story of economic rationalism and small government. They sell themselves as religious and moral leaders, and yet they cross the line when they endanger the health and wellbeing of #24 million Americans who will no longer be able to access healthcare.

Lives will be ruined. Bankruptcies, deaths and unnecessary chronic illnesses. This is a disastrous bill that scraps the sound and responsive work that Obama worked so hard on.

Sadly, when it comes to healthcare and the Republican Party, logic flies out the window.