Obamacare's Affordable Care Act is under danger from the Republican Party's new bill that takes aim at women across the nation. Ending access to #Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest aspects of the Republican healthcare repeal that women are understandably angry about. On Thursday and Friday, women across America took to Twitter to fume, asking Republican women what they thought of the troubling new bill.

Millions of women, and men too, will be unable to get free cancer screening, well women check ups and family planning services, making it harder to be healthy, to raise children and to have happy reproductive families.

All this from the party who claim that they are the pro-family party.

Even more troubling, the bill, which is due to travel through the Senate on the following weeks, could severely hamper those living in medically underserved areas who would as a result no longer be able to access care. it's a damning indictment of the absurd issues in #America - the one percent get better off, the middle class continue to lose their standing. The poor re positively screwed.

America is a first world country with first world healthcare only for the wealthy. The country's system lags behind Australia's, Canada's and the UK. It is a constant source of stress and financial hardship to any Americans.