Donald Trump mixed business with pleasure and brought family members on board when he became president. This decision may now be the straw that breaks the Trump administration. As the Russia probe continues the president's Son In Law is now in the hot seat. Jared Kushner may be the final nail in President Trump's coffin.

Jared Kushner may lead straight to the president

Almost daily since Donald Trump won the election in November there has been chaos surrounding him. Now his son in law jared kushner is coming under scrutiny. Actions that were taken by Kushner prior to the inauguration are being considered as espionage and may lead straight to the golden goose himself, President Trump.

Never in recent U.S. history has there been an administration filled with so many issues. Most all of them stem from the possibility of the Russia collusion. Now it seems that what the president refers to as a witch hunt, fake news and alternative facts are about to land right in his own backyard. If Jared Kushner is charged with crimes can his father in law be far behind?

The scapegoat son in law

Jared Kushner is a billionaire businessman. He has no political experience and truthfully has no right to be advising a president of the United States. Many Americans wondered why he was chosen to assist his father in law and now the answers are becoming more clear. As soon as Donald Trump was elected in November he put his son in law to work.

Kushner immediately began communications with the Russians even thought the Obama administration was still in office.

Kushner met with officials from one of the banks that President Obama had placed sanctions against. It was as if from the very beginning Donald Trump wanted to undo all that his predecessor had put in place.

American presidents have always been cautious where Russia is concerned but Trump and his son in law extended an olive branch and wanted to play nice. Now Kushner may be facing criminal charges and his actions may bring down his father in law's administration.

Donald Trump is the real target

White House counselor Donald Meghan was the CIA director under George Bush.

He told MSNBC that Jared Kushner's actions amount to espionage. he also said that if an American intelligence officer had sought to meet with the Russians through a back door channel they would have been accused of spying.

Should Jared Kushner be prosecuted this would bring things one step closer to proving Donald Trump was in collusion with the Russians. Most Americans including Trump supporters should realize by now that Kushner did not make these decisions on his own. The POTUS set his son in law on this path and now they both may in serious trouble. Kushner's actions were wrong and he will be dealt with. Everyone knows however that the President is the real target.