It's no secret that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has struggled since taking on the job earlier this year. After his latest blunder, Donald Trump appears to have had enough.

Spicer, out?

After it became clear that Donald Trump had pulled off one the biggest political upsets in recent history with his defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, all eyes shifted onto who he would surround himself with in the White House. As the transition period kicked off, Trump received daily backlash over his choices, but when it was announced that Sean Spicer was going to take on the role as press secretary, the media didn't have much to say.

Spicer had previously served as a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, and seemed like a solid fit for the role. Despite this, Spicer has found his name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons since Trump's inauguration, appearing to reach a fever pitch last month over his now infamous remarks comparing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Hitler, while claiming the Nazis never used chemical weapons during the Holocaust. After the news broke on Tuesday that Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, Spicer struggled to deal with the issue, and even reportedly hid in the bushes to avoid the press. As first reported by CNN's Jim Acosta on May 10, Spicer might soon be on his way out.

During the last week, Sean Spicer has given up his press secretary duties to Sarah Huckabee Sanders in order to complete Navy Reserve duty. In Spicer's place, the White House has reportedly been pleased with the job Huckabee Sanders has done, raising questions about the future of the position.

According to several sources close to the president, Spicer's handling of the James Comey firing was an "embarrassment" and a "disaster." In addition, Trump felt the same way, as follow-up reports note that he told his advisers that Spicer handled the situation "poorly."

Unknown future

With Sean Spicer apparently on the ropes, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has come at the right time as Donald Trump has been looking to make the change.

Despite the former host of "The Apprentice" denying the allegations during an interview last month, Spicer has been a drain on the administration, often clashing with Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway, while being routinely mocked and trolled on "Saturday Night Live" by Melissa McCarthy. While it's unknown what exactly the president will do in regards to the situation at hand, it doesn't look good for the current White House Press Secretary.