Acting attorney general #Sally Yate's testimony about the #Trump administration and Michael Flynn on Monday reminded us all of why we love #political thrillers so much. The sharp twists, the pressing deadlines, those mad and addictive dashes across town with important information and nationally relevant discoveries. Audiences love being on the edge of their seats and guessing who is to blame.

#house of cards is one such show that gets the tone of political thrillers right. It features a deeply narcissistic – and sociopathic – president and his complicated and manipulative wife, who is the most chilling #First Lady we've ever seen on television.

Their dynamic together is surprising and dark and yet at other times we are treated to simple moments of domestic decency and ritual, making the dark political back drop to their lives even more shocking.

Another great political narrative is #All the President's Men. This film dives deep into the Watergate scandal without trimming it with bells and whistles. Like Spotlight, which focused on the Boston sex abuse scandals in the Catholic church, All the President's Men is an almost Brechtian piece of drama that doesn't have to push any narrative, since the narrative was already written.