President Trump consistently uses his position as a bully pulpit to hurt people. His latest move was quite dastardly and aimed at White House press secretary Sean Spicer. When planning the trip to Rome to meet Pope Francis, Spicer a devout Catholic was excluded. Even members of the press who usually give Sean a hard time are expressing empathy for him.

President Trump will do what he always does and show himself to be nonone except Donald Trump

No one owes anyone anything gin this life. Most people, however, try to do the right thing and extend a courtesy when they can.

Of all the people that President Trump could have taken with him, Sean Spicer should have been at the top of the list. Spicer, after all, is Catholic, The Pope is the head of the Catholic church. What an honor it would have been for Sean Spicer to meet the leader of his religion.

Even though his approval ratings continue to plummet and the Russia scandal seems to be gaining momentum, President Trump is showing us he is unwilling to change. Donald Trump .is going to do what he always does. This slight to Spicer is simply downright mean. it's one of the ugliest things he has done since taking office. The president showed the world his disdain for his press secretary and did not seem to care. Donald Trump says he is a Christian.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka are practicing Jews. The only Catholic traveling with the president is his wife Melania. Donald Trump excluding Sean Spicer was done for no other reason than to abuse his power to inflict hurt.

The method to the madness of the POTUS

Sean Spicer has been the butt of jokes by late-night talk show hosts.

he has also been parodied on "Saturday Night Live". Most of that comes with the territory, The POTUS humiliating his press secretary in such a public way is downright mean and evil. The man who is leading the free world made a willful decision to exclude the one person in his cabinet who would have appreciated seeing the pontiff the most.

The POTUS took along his daughter and son in law who do not even have official roles in the White House. They were neither voted in nor elected.

Most of the ribbing that Sean Spicer has taken has been because he did the job he was hired to do. He defended President Trump and has been ridiculed by the press and the American people.His reward for giving the American people fake news and alternative facts is to be slighted by his boss in the one situation where many believe he should have been shown favor.

Donal Trump continues to show the American people that he has no heart. he is proposing laws that will cut funding the most vulnerable in our nation. At the same time, he wants to give a tax credit to the most wealthy.

The manner in which he is treating his own press secretary and his total disregard for the elderly and disabled is very telling. it exposes the method to the madness of our POTUS. He seems to enjoy hurting, bullying, abusing and humiliating people.