When binary thinking fails, as it generally does, triadic thinking says there is always a third choice. It is an infinite process designed to delay and hopefully eliminate serious conflict. It is the always renewable action or expression after you have seen the reality and concluded that the solution presented is a dead end. If the reality is North Korea the solution is grinding it into submission with more and more sanctions.that is very wrong. It is an either or that will not work. It will lead to war.

Triadic solution

A triadic solution is possible when you have reached the conclusion that the binary one (for example..

the MO of our government most days) does not work. There is a third way, always, The focus is always on what does work, on something actual, visible, meaningful, In the case of North Korea, one possibility, given who our president purports to be, is a deal. Fortunately, there is a good deal he could make.

A cybercommunities partnership

Cybercommunities are a means of helping the world survive the ravages created by the present global economy, They propose the physical rebuilding of the planet. Instead of doing the thing we know will not work, Trump should engage in a secret bilateral effort to discuss with Kim the creation in North Korea the creation of the very first iteration of the stunning prospect for all humankind that rises from the emergence of cybercommunities.

Car-free urban settings

Here is how we could justify a US proposal that North Korea become the world's first creator of actual cybercommunities, car-free urban settings where around 10,000 can live, work and create and grow.

It is a scaled, high-tech iteration of the world that has said no to the automobile and its mega-traffic jams and yes to the world where the main investment is in people and their growth. We could tell the truth. It will cost much less than going to war.

Cost basis

If you are laughing at the thought of such a process, consider that we cannot defeat global warming with a continually expanding oil-based economy.

We can with cybercommunities. The cost basis of this proposed deal would be a fraction of the projected cost of a military solution which is the inevitable end of the present binary course.

Trump and Kim

Trump says how would you like to do something no big nation will touch that could spell the future of the global economy? Kim says, continue. Trump says well if we moved past oil and cars, we would need something better that would generate income to replace the lost revenue. Kim says, what would that be? And go forth.