For the past few days, pundits have pondered on whether America's democracy is real or just as shambolic as in many developing countries. The comparison has been prompted by the dramatic firing of top government officials by US president Donald Trump in recent days.

Trump setting a troubling pattern

Donald Trump has fired three people who were carrying out investigations linked to either him or his campaign, setting a rather troubling pattern. The list includes the Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, the New York Attorney Preet Bharara, and now the FBI Director James Comey.

Could these controversial dismissals signal the end of tolerance for those bearing divergent views in America?

Pundits have questioned whether the US is still the beacon of democracy. The rise of Donald Trump and the despotic tendencies his administration has adopted has cast a lot of doubt on the reality of America’s democracy. Since the FBI chief was fired, there has been an increased war of words between Republican and Democrat lawmakers. A growing list of Democrat representatives has discussed the possibility of impeaching the president. Republicans, on the other hand, have remained silent, probably not wishing to show their disapproval of the drama at Capitol Hill.

Is American democracy just like Africa’s?

Analysts view Trump’s America like any other developing democracy where alternative voices are not accorded room by those in power. In many African and Asian countries, for instance, the will of the people is not respected. Government ministers and other appointees are first servants to the head of state and a simple provocation always results in them getting fired.

Many African heads of States are ruthless and do not regard any correction from the opposition or other arms of the government. Could Donald Trump be a perfect president for an African nation?

Although President Trump has maintained that he fired James Comey for not doing a good job, many lawmakers from across the political divide believe the contrary.

The President has also denied that he was being investigated by the FBI chief. In developing democracies investigating a sitting president is a suicidal move that could get a top official fired. Could this be how far the US has sunk?

Need for US to change

Irregular firing of government officials, disrespect to the judiciary as witnessed in Trump's America or blatant disrespect of alternative voices are among an endless list of things common in emerging democracies, especially in Africa. If the US does not turn from its current dictatorial tendencies, it could possibly lose the long earned position as a beacon of democracy, hope, freedom and respect for Human Rights.