Notre Dame University Students requested their University's leaders not to allow Pence to speak. Stating if he did they would turn their back on the Veep and exit their graduation ceremony. They did assure the University that the walk-out would go forth with the grace and dignity an action of this type could muster.

No fuss!

According, to Notre Dame University, spokespeople they did not put up a fuss. Therefore, the protest took place with no protest. Notre Dame also wanted the world to know that ninety-nine percent stayed for the Vice President's commencement address.

They say that Mike Pence was greeted with enthusiasm by those who stayed and listened; therefore, they judged the no protest, protest Veep commencement speech, an accomplishment.

Interviews of those who did get up and leave gave similar reasons for their decisions. Many said, on this campus, we learn to stand up for the marginalized we do not believe Pence believes in these basic standards. Their essential shared point, they did not want the once Governor of Indiana Pence to speak at Notre Dame. It is important to note that Notre Dame is in the State of Indiana.

Mike Pence was the Governor of Indiania

Accordingly, this is either a double-down insult or no big deal. After all, this sort of thing happens in America all the time.

The Vice President is invited to give a commencement speech at one of most well-respected universities in the country. Then as soon as he begins to speak about one-hundred, give, or take, students walk-out in protest.

The students cite their protest is basically about the hypocrisy they are witnessing in the current presidential administration.

They point out several examples, featuring specific elements. However, for the most part, Notre Dame's graduating class paid the Vice President the respect his office deserves. Here is the question, a year, two, or twenty which group will be proud of what they did?

How will history record this event?

Realistically this no protest, protest could turn out to be of no historical significance.

Time will tell. Those in attendance that day will either rarely speak of their graduation ceremony, as most college graduates end up doing. On the other hand, they will be a part of the brave one-percent who got up and walked out. Who is to say? Perhaps the ninety-nine percent will be the winners. Those who claim I sat there and listened while the great Mike Pence gave my commencement address when I graduated from Notre Dame University back in 2017.