Anthony Wiener has pled guilty to a federal obscenity charge, as reported by the New York Times. This has been a long wait for many following the case, especially the father of the 15 year old victim. Wiener has been at this for quite a while, and his wife Huma Abedin, a long time aide to Hillary Clinton, has now filed for divorce after she stood by Wiener throughout the process. Many have speculated that Wiener was guilty, but now we finally have the truth. The verdict could not come soon enough for most people. Especially Hillary Clinton.

The election hindered, some say

According to Hillary Clinton, one that plays the blame game, the discovery of Wieners laptop cost her the election. As the FBI combed through Wieners laptop, they found classified information. The information was either sent to Weiner by Huma, or Huma used the laptop, officials say. Yet, what is the truth? According to Clinton, she never sent Wiener any king of classified information. Huma claims the same thing. So experts question the idea of how the information got there. As the investigation into the matter comes to a climax, we may know the answer to that soon. Also, this may shed light on the Clinton email scandal we have been so eager to forget.

What of the child?

The child in question is a 15-year-old girl out of the Carolinas. Mr. Wiener, 52, shattered the girl's innocence with a barrage of nude photos of himself. According to experts, when Wiener asked the girl why she was not out with her boyfriend, she said her dad was "over protective." Being parents ourselves, we would not call that "over protective," we would call him a great dad.

The time rolled on, and Anthony sent more nude pictures to the child. One, was of him laying next to his infant son. That alone is disturbing to a parent. I believe the dad of the girl handled the situation well. Skimming through social media, I have seen many dads who say they would have done a lot more if it were their daughter.

The D.A. recommendations

According to the NY. Times, the D.A. is offering 21 to 27 months for the crime. According to the NY Times, the D.A. was quoted as saying: this time would be “fair and appropriate.” Yet, many are outraged by the recommendation. Many believe he should get more that the 21 to 27 months is a misuse of judgment. What do you think? Is 21 to 27 months a fair punishment for the crime? Let us know in the comment section below. Your opinion is always welcome. So, until the sentenced on Sept. 8 is carried out, we have to wait for the outcome.