In regards to healthy, you are ambitious, and it can sometimes make you forget about the pleasure that is to be had along the way. You really need some positive thinking in your life. Try devising a quiz that you can give yourself a few times a month: maybe you can call it the 'What can I do to make myself happy?' challenge. The questions are up to you - but here are some examples: Is there enough bubble bath in the house?, What is one thing I would enjoy doing today?, Do I have clothes that flatter my body type or do I need to do a little shopping for basics?

Do I have my favorite fresh fruit in the house? With a little self-interrogation, you will come up with plenty of ideas that make you finally love yourself.


To understand what has been going down with your family, house, apartment, household, town or country since February, you need to remember that Ceres was the goddess of agriculture in Ancient Rome. Ceres (the planet) has also been circling this zone of your chart for around three months, so you have had quite a lot of life gardening to do. There may have literally been issues about who does all the work in your relationship. If you are married, you have to sort this out as fast as possible before it causes bigger problems for both of you in the future.

If you are single, you may feel lonely for a while. Stay strong, somebody out there is waiting to meet you. Concentrate on working on yourself. Read some books, start to learn a new language, travel to somewhere maybe. Do not let loneliness stop you from doing what you like. Take it as an opportunity to do anything without having to consider an other person's needs.

There is a lot in this world to see!


You may be trying to deal with your problems in a nice, orderly manner today, but try not to get too frustrated if things do not work out exactly you would like them to. Tension may occur when you need to come up for discussion. People may get rather emotional than professional at your workplace this afternoon and it makes you want to throw your neat orderly plans right out the window.

Do not worry too much if neither you or your colleagues have a clue what is really happening between you. Today's planetary energies are making normally clear-cut issues into illusory shades, so that you may feel you no longer understand the point of the situation. Things will be different in a couple of days! Meanwhile, do not take decisive actions based on your current perceptions.