"Counting On" stars Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have already set the date of their wedding to October 28. However, there was speculation that they have gotten married on May 20 because the Duggar daughter cannot wait too long to have a baby.

When no wedding transpired, new rumors surfaced that they had a secret wedding.The rumors started to swirl when Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard went home from their mission field to Arkansas. The couple will not go home for no special reason and Joy-Anna's wedding was reported as the reason.

Here are some reasons why Joy-Anna and Austin will not opt for a secret wedding:

  • The Duggars value marriage. Their children will marry in public with countless friends and church mates in attendance.
  • If the engaged couple has publicly announced their engagement, they will tie the knot with the knowledge of everyone. Added to the fact that they are reality stars, the wedding will surely be a social event.
  • Their friends, family, and fans knew that they have set the date of their wedding in October as listed on their Wedding Registry. The couple will definitely stick with the date as their expected wedding gifts will be delivered on the date specified.
  • October 28 which is the wedding date decided upon is also a special day for Joy-Anna. To add color to the occasion, she will say "I do!" on the date of her birth (makes sense).
  • If they get married ahead of time as what reports were saying, this will only create pregnancy rumors and getting pregnant before marriage is a total taboo to the devout Duggar Family.

The Duggar-Forsyth wedding will be a family affair

Although Joy-Anna and Austin have been friends for 15 years, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will surely not allow their daughter and future son-in-law to rush things.

The family is known for being organized and does things together. The whole family will participate in the wedding preparations like what happened during Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's wedding.

Joy-Anna and Austin announced their engagement in March. The engaged couple has plans on their life together after the wedding. They were into more outdoor time during their honeymoon as evidenced by their request for gift items that composed mostly of outdoor and picnic gear.

The wedding is going to be another happy family affair both for Joy-Anna and Austin's families. It will also be another event that fans are excited to witness on "Counting On." It will be featured on the upcoming season that will start with their courtship and run until the wedding day.