Jeffrey Lord seems to have no shame, as he continues to lie on CNN with a straight face. Lord will redirect from the issues of Donald Trump, by pointing out something that took place during the Obama administration. He defends Donald Trump no matter what. It's time Mr. Lord has a Reality Check.

Defending Donald Trump

In March 2016, Lord got into a heated debate on CNN with Van Jones, over their different views on Donald Trump. He is so over the top for the POTUS that he is considered the high priest in the Trump cult. Lord comes up with the most outlandish answers, which make sense to no one.

He probably does not believe his own spin.

Jeffrey Lord has made it his mission to refute everything that is truthfully said about President Trump. He shakes his head in a condescending manner while insulting the intelligence of the American people. He defended Trumps claims that Obama wiretapped Trump tower, and never admitted that it was a lie. He believes Donald Trump has executive privilege to do whatever he wants.

The truth about Trump

Donald Trump is being described as egotistical, paranoid and controlling. He is firing people as if he were still on the TV show "The Apprentice." He has no prior political experience, and has no clue how to be presidential. He is causing problems on Twitter and raising the ire of the American people.

Many believe his actions have him at the point of impeachment, and still, Lord goes on CNN to defend the president. The evidence is mounting regarding Russia, which involves Trump associates. When the truth comes out, Lord and others will be seen as idiot's for defending the president.

The American people deserve truth coming from the white house and also the media, Those who redirect from the damage Trump is doing to the nation, are going to have their actions backfire on them.

One has to wonder, why Jeffrey Lord is so loyal to the president. Is Donald Trump paying him off, or does he have something on the commentator?

Jeffrey Lords broken record

It should be embarrassing, to stand before the American people, and the world, and lie with a straight face. It should cause one to feel convicted to stand up for a president who exhibits signs of emotional disorders.

Jeffrey Lord and other members of the GOP care more about the image of their party than the well-being of this nation. It's a shame they waste time defending what they know is wrong. They are fooling no one but themselves. Sean Spicer at least is paid to put the president in the best light. Jeffrey Lord what is your excuse?