Jeffrey Lord is causing more problems on CNN -- seemingly not a day goes by where one can avoid making this claim. In the fallout of the explosive Washington Post story, the political commentator made his way back on the air and caused all sorts of issues among the panel of guests, getting basic facts wrong and trying to turn the discussion around by making nonsensical comparisons.

Another problematic CNN appearance

Lord decided it would be a good idea to quote some facts from the Washington Post story -- a smart idea, since quoting always adds to the authority of the speaker.

It's a problem when the quotes don't sound the same as the ones that are written on the page, though. Lord learned that the hard way, when CNN host Erin Burnett corrected him, thoroughly embarrassing him on the air.

Additionally, the idea of what information was classified, both in the administration and for the Washington Post story, became a very convoluted and confusing topic to understand as Lord spewed his usual nonsense. He tried to turn the topic to the failings of Barack Obama, but wasn't particularly successful in doing so. Astute viewers noted that he didn't even bring up Ronald Reagan during his CNN segment, a rarity for the man who served as one of his associate political directors.

Defending Trump

Lord has stepped into controversy again and again for his bombastic defense of Donald Trump. He most famously compared Trump to Martin Luther King Jr. while discussing healthcare, which blew his own credibility to pieces. Since then, he has drawn comparisons to Kellyanne Conway based on his ability to defend Trump on any subject while attempting to discredit others.

Some have even called for CNN to stop having him on their shows.

The subject of the Washington Post story is particularly difficult to defend Trump on. If the allegations are true, Trump gave classified information to Russian officials, information that wasn't even his to give and couldn't be given to America's closest allies.

CNN has been declared a station full of Democrats, so any Republican is going to look out of the ordinary on the channel. But even Lord seems to go overboard every time the network brings him on for a segment. Some things are just impossible to defend when the truth comes to light; it's unclear where that truth is in this situation, but it's going to come out definitively one way or another soon.