Recently a story in the Washington Post stated that President Trump had revealed classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador to United States. A large number of people, as expressed in social media and calls to conservative radio talk shows, do not believe the report on the theory that the mainstream media is out to get Trump and will stop at nothing to tear him down. Conservative Trump supporters have distrusted the media since the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign. Perhaps the fact that the media have gotten things wrong about Trump, or judge him by a different standard than they do politicians they prefer, has something to do about it.

A case in point is a statement by Joe Scarborough and Mika on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to the effect that Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s chief consigliere, has stated off camera that she hates the president and her job of defending him.

What they said on ‘Morning Joe’

In an exchange recently, Brzezinski and Scarborough claimed that, off camera, Conway claimed that she found the experience of defending the president to be so creepy that she felt like taking a shower. The hosts argued that Conway disliked Trump and was only in it for the money. The incident was after Trump was caught saying disgusting things about women on an "Access Hollywood" tape during the campaign. The obvious meme was that Conway, who had proven to be most effective during the presidential race, did not actually believe in Trump.

She now is a White House aide in the Trump administration,

Kellyanne Conway responds

Conway took to Twitter to dispute what was said about her on “Morning Joe.” She pointed out that, far from being a Trump staffer for the money, she took a financial hit by joining his campaign, thus having to pass up more lucrative political consulting work.

She reiterated her belief in and respect for President Trump, in effect accusing the two MSNBC hosts of telling lies about her on the air. It should also be noted that Conway has been “banned” from appearing on “Morning Joe” so she has been denied the opportunity of responding to Brzezinski and Scarborough directly.

The take away about the media and Trump

Trump has done many things that are worthy of criticism, and he remains a man with too little impulse control. However, the media is in grave danger of becoming the boy who cried wolf as it loses its credibility by publishing what can only be called “fake news” about the president lending credence to the view that they are out to get him.