The United States is the country known for her strict and unequivocal commitment towards democratic, liberal and progressive values since the independence. American forefathers always manifested their pro-democracy and pro-liberty beliefs during the freedom struggle, especially during the civil war and development of constitution of a country. The United States is a land of immigrants and always welcomed the oppressed victims coming from different corners of world irrespective of their sex, creed, religion and color. From Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, every president stood for the dissemination of progressive values in world by rejecting the tyrannical, repressive and dictatorial values.

From fascism to military dictatorships, United States always emerged as the epicenter of resistance and condemnation against the abusers of human rights in the world.

Why threat is horrific and horrible for society

It's not about the election of Donald Trump. It's not about the victory of Donald Trump in presidential elections. It's not about the xenophobic and racist narrative of Donald Trump. It's not about verbal attacks on national media. It's about the existence, emergence and popularity of narrative of Trump in the public. People like Trump always tried to undermine and dismantle the American progressive values, but they were never able to provide any damage due to an existence of safety valves.

These valves include love for liberty, freedom, and democracy in the American society. Apparently, American society has been replaced with the flock of people who don't care about the past history and commitments made by their forefathers. Libertarian and liberal segments of society are trying their best to save the American Civic Values from total collapse.

Donald Trump has become existential threat to American democracy because he has been supported by majority population and triggered up by racist and xenophobic narrative

How to save the civic values?

The only way to save the American values is systematic and collective resistance by doing peaceful demonstrations and processions in cities and rural centers. American intelligentsia must come forward as the protectors of democratic and liberal values