Well, alrighty. You asked for it. You did not want a conspiracy theory. Or an interminable leak of a name you do not know. The trump show is better than that. If you want to theorize about how the story of "Donald's Demise" might go, you have come to the right place. The theory is simple. The key is ivanka.


The reason that Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner is soaking up all the ink today is that he graduated from being a person of interest to headline fodder in record time. Trump investigations get sped up so we can maintain interest. It is a form of binge-watching.


So the trickle we get from this momentous event is that husband Kushner and Michel Flynn, the famed personage of mega-interest, met with the Russians and hatched an idea that is said to have died on the spot. The idea was to set up a secure channel between Trump and Moscow.


Secure would be something impervious to leaks, hacks and vagrant rodents who eat up wires. I jest, but there is something comical about a secure channel when we have invested our tax dollars in achieving redundancy in the area of snooping. We must assume there is no more privacy, period. In the words of the immortal Mike Myers, behave!


Let's cut to the president and his daughter because in a drama you need super protagonists, and these two fill the bill.

There is the iffy good daughter, and the iffy evil dad. The show has everything, and I will not spell that out.

Now how long will this Russia thing last? This is one of the plot twists. With Mueller aboard it could last forever. Or it could be over before you know it. People as old as Trump and Mueller cannot be depended on to act according to preconceived playbooks.

Then focus

Ivanka. She is young. She is alluring. Next to her, Kushner looks like a little boy. What possible role might she play in all this? What power might she have to shape events? My theory is the "i" word. That would be immense. She can decimate -- technically cut by a tenth -- papa Trump's preconceptions. She can do this at will.

She is there more than anyone.

Winning is all

Ivanka can also pull rank with the boy. She can instruct Jared to do as she wishes, on penalty of following in her father's footsteps and having done with him. Even with the mega-wealth of the House of Trump and the House of Kushner at stake, the odds are not good if the boy does not toe the line.

The theory is this. Whatever happens, she wins.

She is not going to end up the loser. She is too young and too smart to allow that doom to descend upon her pretty head. When it all ends, it is all Ivanka.