Donald Trump thinks he has repealed and replaced Obamacare so even if Obamacare survives it will be fake news in Trump's book. He has not yet repealed and replaced. We have a week during which the Congressional Budget Office will likely review the act the House just passed. That review will likely confirm that the bill is a potential budget breaker and debt creator. Its costs could go through the roof. And it will reduce the amount of care and the opportunity for individuals to afford treatment. If the CBO does cast a negative verdict, the Senate will have a very hard time passing the legislation with a straight face.

Trump's hate

The hate that came out when Trump made his relatively restrained remarks following his House victory was the hate that has driven him from the beginning.

If you want to know why this defective bill emerged and why it stands a good chance of failure even now, consider Trump hate as the cause. From the beginning, when he entered the race for president with his preposterous birther lie until yesterday when he punctuated his remarks with more palpable hate for Obama's child, the Affordable Care Act, Obama hate has been at the root of Trump's motivation,

The Origin

The hate began with the racism that led Trump and his dad Fred to inspire a Woody Guthrie anti-segregation song well before Martin Luther King decided to create a nonviolent wave in America.

That Queen's-bred, privilege-based, knee-jerk racism was exacerbated big time by Barack Obama himself. Obama was the urbane child of a largely ignored mother who managed to fit into the very top rungs of New York City culture.

She worked at the Ford Foundation in the early days. She was liberal poor but rich in her bearing and associations. You do not send your kid to Punahou School in Hawaii without having the mentality of one who is at ease with the highest rungs of society. Ann Dunham looks like a former debutante who was smart enough to forge an intellectually exciting existence.

The confrontation

At the very dinner of White House correspondents where Obama as the president looked out over the crowd and said, dismissively, "Donald Trump is here", he owned Trump. He was the child of Ann Dunham and Trump was still Queens rich trash. That is why we had the split-screen in Harrisburg, Trump spewing hate at media as the correspondents gathered in DC. That is why the only really emotional moment yesterday was Trump pronouncing Obamacare dead. It isn't dead but that is now fake news to Trump. Whatever happens, no matter how humiliating, Trump has won in his own sad and addled mind.