Donald Trump insists on building the Mexico Border Wall and during his campaign he had assured everyone that the wall would be built because it is necessary to keep out illegal immigrants and those who deal in drugs. He also said that Mexico would foot the bill but things are not working out as per his wishes. Congress has not agreed to finance the wall right now and Mexico is not keen to invest in it.

Where is the wall?

Los Angeles Times reports that in the opinion of Mark Krikorian, who is knowledgeable about immigration activities, non-availability of funds for the Mexico border wall is a setback for Donald Trump.

Mark happens to be executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Congress has approved a $1-trillion deal to "keep the government open through September," reported the Washington Post, but the amount does not include any funds towards new fencing or new border agents that were requested by the Trump administration to check the flow of illegal immigrants.

However, it does include $1.5 billion for border security allocated for technology and maintenance of existing infrastructure at the border. In addition, funds of $50 million are earmarked to upgrade the fence around the White House since there has been an increase in the number of intruders who hop over the existing fence to gain access to the grounds.

Will the wall remain a pipe dream?

Building the Mexican border wall would be a stupendous task and no-one is in a position to give a realistic estimate which varies from $12 billion to $38 billion and Senate Democrats believe it could cost nearly $70 billion. As for Mexico funding it, that may not happen at all. The Mexican government looks at the proposal as an insult and would never, ever consider funding it.

Moreover, President Trump has also not disclosed any plan he may have in his mind to force the issue.

However, Sean Spicer, press secretary for Donald Trump, views the developments as positive and feels that whatever funds have been allotted towards border security spending could see through the initial aspects of funds required for planning.

He also expressed confidence that Trump would be in a position to get the funds during the 2018 spending bill. Obviously, Sean Spicer loves to look at the bright side and describes the present allocation as a down payment on border security.

Questions keep popping up about the necessity of the wall. The tough stand that the U.S. president has taken against illegal immigration has already paid rich dividends. It has created a fear complex in the minds of would-be illegal immigrants and has managed to check the flow. Why then spend so much money on the wall? And, who would pay for it?