According to an article in the Huffington Post," Melanie Trump no longer wears fur. Truthfully, the clothing the president's wife wears, says nothing about the content of her heart. What Americans need is for the real Melania, to show up and let us see what she is made of.

No more fur is a nice sentiment

Wearing faux fur is big in today's society. PETA has been sounding the alarm for decades regarding the cruelty done to animals, in order to use their fur for clothing. If the First Lady no longer wears fur, it has no real impact on the American people.

Because she is married to Donald Trump, a master manipulator, this gesture will be seen as mere window dressing. Jamie Feldman, author of the article in the "Huffington Post," says this announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. As of yet, nothing has been said one way or the other from Mrs. Trump herself, only those representing her.

At this point, Americans know little regarding the character of the FLOTUS. We do know much about her. She is from the Ukraine, does not command English well, was a top model, and has nude photo's on the Internet. Melania left home at 16, later moved to America, married Donald Trump and has a son named Baron. She resides in Trump Tower, and will be moving to the White House in June.

None of this gives Americans, a clue, as to what she is really made of.

More than a trophy wife and eye candy first lady

Melania Trump, did not sign on to become the first lady of the U.S. For this reason she is ill prepared for her journey. It's not her fault that she was thrust into this position, but here she is. Mrs. Trump is a lovely woman, but Americans require more of a president's wife, than being eye candy.

All previous first ladies in recent years, had been in the public eye with their spouses. These men were lawyers, senators, and or congressmen. The spouses learned along the way as wives of public servants.Our current FLOTUS has the dishonor of being married to the man, that Dan Rather said had the worst beginning of any president in recent history.

Donald Trump is Melania's stumbling block.

Many Americans believe Donald Trump is racist, sexist, and anti LBGTQ, based on his campaign rhetoric. Announcing that Melania Trump has given up fur, will not have the impact on Americans as it could have years ago. Her husband has created such an atmosphere of hostility in this nation, that it overshadows any good will gestures coming from his wife. Most anything she does will be scrutinized at the highest level, simply because she is the wife of The Donald.

if she has given up fur, that's great. But it's not enough to endear her to the American people. It's not Melania's fault, but it is the way things currently are. She needs a really good team of advisers, who can help her find her way.

Mrs.Trump needs to make 3 major changes. First she needs be in the White House. Americans need to see her at her spouse's side. This will decrease rumors of a marital rift.

Secondly Mrs. Trump needs to find a worthy cause, one that is in her heart, and not merely a window dressing. In today's society, people can tell quickly when it is not from the heart. Thirdly she needs to let us see the real Melania. She should step out from her husband's shadow, stop attempting to look like Jackie O, and ind her true self. Possibly then, Americans can somewhat separate her, from the decisions her husband is making. And give our first lady, the respect she will have earned on her own. The FLOTUS should emerge from her gilded cage, and allow this nation to see who she really is.