Katy Perry, the iconic pop star who made her debut into mainstream music in 2008 with her song entitled "I Kissed A Girl" has announced her new tour with quite the video on her YouTube channel! Many people are wondering if Katy Perry is about to lose her mind!

The video Katy uploaded was released yesterday and is getting a lot of backlash.

I will allow you to view the video before we go any further. What do you think about it?

Katy Perry backlash online

People have been blasting Katy Perry on Twitter because of how she looks and acts in this video and because of many tweets she has been sending out herself, such as:

Many fans saw this Tweet and became very upset by it.

People began discussing whether or not Katy Perry was losing her mind or was she just being silly. One of the response Tweets are:

People all over Twitter seem to be asking themselves if Katy Perry has lost her mind.

Katy is set to go on her "Witness" tour beginning in September of this year and lasting until February of 2018 for her new album.

Katy is very excited about her new album and upcoming tour, so why is there all this controversy related to her video at this moment?

Well, she was recently quoted as saying she wants no barriers and no boarders and wants the world to live as one. After the Manchester bombing, this had several people very upset on Twitter of course. Some of the Tweets go as follows:

And then the backlash on Twitter continues:

Some people are worried that her recent hair cut and blonde hair dye job, along with her extreme Leftist views (as some people are calling them) about taking in refugees, means that she is about to lose her mind much like Britney Spears when she shaved her head.

Everyone remembers that disaster, right?

Has Katy Perry gone absolutely bonkers?

So, I have been going through several Tweets and just like you just did, I watched her YouTube video to promote her upcoming tour and here are my opinions...

Katy Perry has NOT gone insane. No. We need to remember that many pop stars in Hollywood go through a "slutty" phase in the industry when they begin their careers.

Slowly, as they grow up and their music matures, they lose that "slutty" image and start to dress more modestly and not dye their hair such crazy colours...or at least not as often!

Everyone remembers Katy's blue hair, right?

Also, their music seems to evolve. I have yet to hear any of Katy's new singles on her album, but maybe she has decided it is time to start growing up.

Although that maybe doesn't explain the nose ring to some people, it does to myself. It is probably the most common of facial piercings and therefore it is socially acceptable and therefore not too "edgy."

So, maybe Katy Perry is calming down a bit...not losing her mind? Maybe she has decided blondes have more fun and this is merely a hair cut and some promotion tweets and videos and we are all making a big deal out of nothing?

However, it seems to be the craze on Twitter right now!

One thing I will say about Katy Perry that she did do an amazing job of lately was ditch her security to spread love to her fans after the Manchester bombing. Even though she has been receiving backlash for what she said, via we need to have more open boarders in our world, she was obviously very effected by the terrorist attack.

She even voiced her heartache on Twitter, tweeting:

As well as this Tweet just hours later:

In my opinion, Katy Perry may be saying she wishes to open our boarders more and spread JOY and LOVE to everyone around the world.

I think she is saying this in the sense that she wishes our world could all come together and be peaceful.

Quite frankly, in my opinion, Twitter is being very judgemental of Katy Perry at the moment and are taking her Tweets out of context for each person's own political agenda.

I find all this backlash that Katy Perry is getting to be very ironic as she lets out a single entitled "Swish Swish" which she calls her anthem for those who have been bullied. Some even wonder if it is in relation to her current feud with pop icon Taylor Swift.

Let's all give Katy Perry a break on Twitter. Especially if you are not a fan of hers! You see, if you are not a fan and you give her flack for this, she becomes someone you are bullying.

That may give her new single and her new album more authenticity. Maybe that is what she wants? Maybe she is being controversial on purpose?

What do you think? Do you believe Katy Perry has gone insane? Or are the people of Twitter being bullies?