World politics - A deadly shootout at the US Consulate is part of a plan to hinder the inauguration, Judicial Watch reports. The attack was early last week in a small Mexican border town of Laredo. The construction site is the new home of the US consulate at the border. According to Judicial Watch, this intel comes from "high-level" government officials.

They also say that the attack is part of a plan to stall the Trump Inauguration. Reports say that the shootout killed 13 people. The Mexican military responded to the attack, along with law enforcement.

The report says that the officials wish to remain anonymous for top secret reasons.

Is ISIS storming the US border?

In a report I wrote on the 24th of August, 2016, the Southern command confirmed that Jihadis are coming over the border. In a report by the Judicial Watch website, they confirm this again. According to the report from April of last year, they are working with the Mexican Cartel. Reports say that the Mexican Cartels are smuggling Jihadis in by the thousands.

All this comes amid the Trump inauguration in a few days. Experts are able to piece these two events together by analysing intel reports.

The reports go on to say that the Jihadis are travelling into the US to scope out attack targets. The Jihadis then report back to ISIS in Syria. According to a CNN poll from September 8th, 2014, 71% of Americans feel that ISIS is already here.

Are attacks in the US eminent?

According to reports, that is what the Jihadi-cartel alliance is all about.

Reports claim that ISIS has arrived at the Monterrey International Airport in Apodaca, about 130 miles from the Texas border. From there the terrorists meet up with the Cartel and get assistance crossing the border. Why is the Cartel helping ISIS?

Trump plans on building a wall to separate the US and Mexico. This has infuriated the Cartel because it will hinder their drug smuggling operation. This is how the experts are comparing the Inauguration with the attacks, reports say. Now, many Americans want to know how many are already here in the US.