Jupiter is offering you the energy you need to live your life to the fullest. Your hard work is finally likely to pay off. You may get incredible news via e-mail or a phone call.


This may be a quiet, passive day. Someone wants to meet you for a while, but they are trying to let you now in a subtle way as possible. There is much you can do for that person. Listen to everything that is being said, you might learn a lot Today.


Be careful how much you tell your family and friends about your personal life. It is one thing to inform them about the important things going on, but it is not quite a good idea to share every little detail.

Stay away from the people that seem to be too curious.


Today will be an active day, perfect for studying or doing some sports. Finally, you feel your body and your mind improve and this will give you a boost of energy. Jupiter is now behind you to ensure that you feel the best as possible. You are about to make up for that lost time.


You have gone through a phase where you have questioned your own importance in life but proof is around throughout the coming days and weeks in the fact that you are both needed and loved by your friends.


One particular friend has got something too big for their boots but you should not say anything yet. Leave it to a quieter character in your circle who has more reason than you think to be the spokesperson this week.


The current line-up helps you to shake off any negative feelings you have been having about how you see your life with a close one. You have finally looked at the facts and not listen to a fiction.


A lot has happened to you recently and you seem to be feeling confused about what your next move should be. Do nothing, until you have heard what an insight an Aries can offer.


You are so good at knowing what other people should do with their lives, but you are far too involved with your own to make confident decisions. Step back, because the answer is staring you in the face.


Decide where your priorities lie before you risk losing the very thing you have spent the last year trying to acquire.

Talking from the heart can change the course of your life if you dare.


Recently you have made an enemy of someone that you will have to admit you actually quite liked in the beginning. Find the confidence then try to sort out this dispute today, common ground can be found.


The faces you do not think hold the power are in fact capable of catapulting you into the big time. This is your time so pay attention to all that is going on around you today.