Saudi Arabia considers Israel an enemy it does not recognize the existence of the state. The Saudis also do not maintain diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. Saudi Arabia also routinely funds Hamas and other anti-Jew organizations.

The recent 350 billion dollar Arms Deal, out of which 110 billion will be immediate, is a cause for worry to Israel. With Donald Trump's slated to visit Israel on Monday, the Israelis are concerned as to how the arms deal will affect them. Israel has always maintained military superiority over the Arabs. It is scared that its military superiority will evaporate in the light of the latest arms deal.

With the THAAD anti-missile system as part of the deal, the cup of woes of the Israeli state is full.

Arms deal

Trump has stated that the weapons deal is part of the wider deal to combat Iran. There is no guarantee that this will happen. One is reminded of a similar promise to India that US arms given to Pakistan would not be used against India yet they were used with impunity by Pakistan in wars with India. The Pakistan army lost is another story. Similarly, there is no guarantee that weapons supplied will not be used against Israel.

Since 1948 a state of belligerency exists between Israel and the Arab world. The Arabs fought three wars to try and defeat the Jews state but in all cases lost decisively.

The weaponry for the wars and allied costs were funded by the Saudi's. This fact is not lost on Israel.

Israeli mood

The Israeli mood is somber and a sense of disquiet reigns. Prime Minister Netanyahu has not said anything so far, but other leaders and commentators have voiced their concern. Energy and water resources Minister Yuval Steinitz said "hundreds of millions of dollars in arms deals is something we need to get an explanation for," He further added, "Saudi Arabia is a hostile country, and we need to ensure Israel's qualitative edge is maintained."

Donald Trump will be in Israel for a short visit.

He is unlikely to announce shifting of the embassy to Jerusalem at this juncture. Earlier Trump was vociferous about the shifting. Israel awaits Trump's visit, but the significance of new weaponry and technical equipment for war will alarm the Jew state.

Trump's new path

Trump is an impulsive man. Faced with strident criticism at home on the Russian connection he is trying to deflect attention to world affairs.

Trump is charting a new path. It will have to be seen how successful he will be. Obviously, King Salman will be delighted at receiving military weaponry. But he may well remember that despite tremendous military superiority in 1967 the Arabs were humiliated.