There is no doubt that being a woman is hard. We are pretty good at handling our life, but sometimes we can appreciate some guidelines to make it a little bit easier.

Here is what the planets have to tell you today, Aquarius.


Other people were doing their fair share, or you might be impressed by the massive clout or potency of these people or some organizations that you might consider giving away your own knowledge or power.

However, now things are getting back to how they were a while ago, so do not change anything. The idea of reshaping your situation may continue today, and by the late evening, you will have everything sorted out at last.

There is more to come so if you do have the chance to delay a binding work, university or working agreements not yet paid until later, you may prefer to do so. Pluto seems to alter the story profoundly when it comes rocketing back into your sign.

You need to take control of your well-being today, stay clear-minded and focused and try not to be carelessly diverted or seduced by tempting but distractions that are not healthy. Avoid working too much in order to avoid stress related disorders.

Because of an excessive job pressure or some task that has to be done in a short amount of time, you will find relieving stress pretty difficult, or almost impossible. You should remember to cultivate a hobby or a relatively new habit today.


Be prepared to justify an action that recently took place or a decision of yours that affects someone that is close to you. People that surround you could be able to read much more into your actions that you would think, they maybe even regard them as suspicious acts.

If your current relationship hits a rough spot this morning, do not take it too seriously, as it is possibly only due to the influence of today's planetary configuration.

Some challenges are meant to be overcome by you. Do not under any circumstances attempt to make important decisions today regarding your near future. A few little changes in your relationship might get you to a better place of balance, though.

The Moon's transit will not be constructive, but with a bit of effort, you can overcome its effect by the evening.

Going towards some close friend today might bring you into a place of giving and of needing somebody else to take care of your feelings. You may be prone to forget about theirs, and it can cause some hard time. Give them the same amount of attention as you need from them, and they will appreciate your generosity for sure.