The modern will meet the classic as you design rooms in your home to meet your needs and be handsome to the eye. Wicker baskets that hold towels on the bottom shelf of your bathroom vanity look nice.


It's as if the planets are talking to you about sincerity and taking you far away from the trappings of superficiality and popularity.


Make the time and effort Today to give a family member a call and check how they are doing. You might not realize it but even just a word from you can boost their spirits.


You may have a secret inside that's screaming to get out.

If someone confides in you today, do you think you could confide in him or her, too? You should get an answer to that question today.


That shiny object you got on sale could break the bank with upkeep expenses. That "fascinating artist type" could suck your soul dry with their narcissistic bids for attention.


Saturn is going to help you today. Your response to stress at work is to dream about an exotic adventure. However, it may be too early to set dates and make airline reservations. But it's not too soon to narrow down your potential destinations. It is time to discover the world!


You woke up in a great mood. Today you might want to try something completely new. If you have never done this before, why not try expressing yourself through dance?

Even if you're convinced you have about as much talent as a box of lead, you might surprise yourself.


A sudden insight alters your initial assessment of a situation. You may feel like it’s too late to change tracks, but remember: doing what’s right is always timely.


Remember how you used to feel at school when it got to the end of term and the holidays were coming up?

Nothing mattered quite so much. Your thoughts were already starting to fly far away from the stresses and strains of the classroom and the playground.


The atmosphere at home will be extremely comforting. Some of you might even plan to host a house party today and for others today might be that special day when you get to spend ample of time with your partner.


This is your day of luck in business. Travel for pleasure totally appeals today. It's a curious way to start your week because in one sense, you are "hidden," and yet, in another way, you are high viz. Go figure.


Although your boss doesn't think you're ambitious enough, they can't argue with your success. People are always asking to deal with you, knowing they will get superior service.