This picture may be the quintessential image of the helpless shell of a man running on empty when he is led from the White House in his version of the Nixon exit. The drama has already been written. We are witnessing a preview, like a Broadway wannabe in New Haven. Congress cannot pass health care because, with one dollop of honesty, Mr. Upton upended the piece of con artistry the Freedom Caucus produced to resurrect Trumpcare. This is the incompetent GOP in league with a President who is trying as hard as he can to get from one day to the next.

It is getting harder and harder. So last night he issued a pair of tweets to try to forget his own current run of failures. Here they are.

And there you have it in all its pathetic glory. Nothing need be said. Someone close to trump will lead him away. He will be gone.

A matter of time

Note that this pair of tweets comes as he is realizing that his big effort to bash Obama out of the history books is meeting some resistance. It is called truth but this is not something Trump can face.

So he concocts another lie. He sends it out. And today he will look to see what Wednesday will bring in the way of compensation for a defeat he cannot accept. The Democrats know that Comey was the worst thing that could have happened to them. It is virtually certain that the margin by which Trump squeaked in November by was made possible because of Comey's untimely intervention.

Great campaign

When we wake up from this bad dream we will see Trump's great campaign as the nadir of our political process. We will see that it was a prelude to whatever dictatorial actions may yet be coming from this vengeful man. They will see that Russia was indeed covered up by people close to Trump and that the coverup was and is, in the curious way our politics work, the crime.

We don't have to know the details, Donald. It is enough to know you knew and then claimed you didn't.

Hillary is back

It is like a dance. Just as Trump is being defeated in Congress, just as egg is about to be lobbed toward his available face, Hillary is resuscitating, coming alive again, reminding us that she may not be perfect but she does not do dictatorial things anymore. That was Travelgate. She has some salt she would like to rub into the President's opening wounds.

We've got to get through this so we can say goodbye to it all and begin a new phase, post-Donald. and post-Hillary too. Look at those tweets and consider that the GOP just did something momentous. Or rather one of its members did. He said Trump's bogus bill is a cauldron of harm and he would not buy it. Trump had to find a winner and could not. Maybe he will be remembered for that great campaign.