What is an opinion? It is not astrology. It is not promotion. It is the conviction of one or more human beings. It is an argument that should be logical, sensible and ideally true. The internet has lost sight of this. It is a sea of miscategorization. So to be clear, this is my opinion after following Donald trump closely and weighing what I know and what I think. It is possible the man will be impeached but if this is so it will merely be because the nation has decided he must go.

Reasonable paths are closed

We know that there has been a coverup on Russia and that the GOP in power will not touch it.

We know that money is flowing to the president from myriad businesses that amount to taking a profit on his position and that that violates the emoluments clause of the U. S. Constitution. But the cowering and compliant GOP will not insist that this logical conclusion be confirmed. Avenues to an orderly process are now closed.


There are reasons for an orderly process of investigation and impeachment but they will only be used if the nation is willing to tell the man to leave office. The main reason for this is the most obvious. The man is unfit. He was elected, that is true enough. So was the unfit W. So was the unfit Richard Nixon. Nixon was not impeached, he was forced by the people to leave after an orderly process.

So too we must force Trump to leave. But there is little prospect that it will be orderly.

Twitter is where it's at

Facebook is where the people are but we need a particular strategy that fits the situation. Join Twitter if only to do this: @realdonaldtrump #LeaveOffice If the goal is to force Trump to end his dictatorial attacks on groups and his confirmed lies and his continuing temper tantrums, we need by the millions to do this one thing.

Here, by the way, is his latest assault on us. Before the textbooks change, have him leave.


What good will come if Trump is forced from office by Americans who have had enough?

Two goods come to mind. The GOP will be understood to be complicit in the bill of particulars that can justify this radical act. The GOP will be saddled with the weight of Trump's betrayals. That might wake up the American public to the need to remove them from office. The action will be a clear indication that Trump would not have a chance of being elected today. It will be an exceptional action due to a breakdown in our democracy.

Moore's initiative

Michael Moore and others have sent out laundry lists of things to do to remove Trump. But no such movement has been able to command imagination and interest on a broad enough scale to succeed. We need a simple response that fits the situation. Making #leaveoffice the tactic that enables the strategy of removing Trump might work. If you think this idea needs a viral boost, be my guest.