It is not the government that needs to be shut down. It's Trump. He is about to face a big strike three, inning over climax to his latest effort con the country into accepting a bill that will hurt and injure thousands if not millions. A prominent House Republican has said a clear no to the legislation. He will be followed by others. And there will be egg on the faces of the president, Paul Ryan and the Freedom Caucus folk who tried to pull a fast one on us all.

The story

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Fred Upton is perhaps the hero of the moment because he is heavily influential and because people will follow a true leader.

He has told the truth in what comes through as a blistering if not lethal attack. He says the bill will not do an adequate job of protecting those with preexisting conditions. Trump has given little indication that he even understands the Health Bill.

Upton speaks out.

The Michigan congressman said caving in to the Freedom Caucus was anathema to many House moderates because of removing protection of those with pre-existing conditions. “I’m not at all comfortable with removing that protection,” Mr. Upton said.

Fuel to the fire

Once again Paul Ryan is doing the president's bidding and pushing the bill. But according to the Times report the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association are opposed to the law along with a host of disease advocacy organizations.

Dr. Darrell G. Kirch, of the medical colleges group, said that the Freedom Caucus version “dilutes protections for many Americans and would leave individuals with pre-existing conditions facing higher premiums and reduced access to vital care.” The CBO budget review may be the further nail in the bill's coffin if the GOP cannot rush it through in time to escape its critique.

All told the situation has changed in one day. This morning people were talking as though the Trump measure had a chance.

Damned either way

Trump will be damned if the bill passes and damned if it doesn't. It is something he should never have touched. But there is growing evidence that neither Mr. Trump nor the GOP has any sense of how to proceed on virtually any issue before them.

More and more Republicans are mounting an effort to remove Mr. Trump from the presidency. Around the country, impeachment groups are growing, particularly on Facebook, which announces additions as they take place. The fat lady is not singing yet, but she is doing her scales. Soon it may be show time.