If they could not do massive amounts of harm the two guys in the picture above might just be lost boys. Whiffenpoofs. Can you tell me where the exit is, please? Or: You did it. What, me? Regardless, there is a glimmer of hope this Wednesday morning that the GOP might acquire, among one or two members perhaps, the fortitude needed to bring the house of cards down. Including the two fellows in the picture. trump and Ryan. Sounds like a plan.

Here's how it would go

On the day after Trumpcare has been effectively demolished by a Michigan congressman named Fred Upton, you know there will be an aftermath.

Add in Upton's colleague Mark Sanford, yes that one, who uttered the one truth Trump never wants to hear, that abolishing Obamacare was is and will always be a pipe dream. Could there be enough moxie left in the GOP for a few more voices to come out of the woodwork? Could an avalanche be stimulated? A great awakening. A penitential surge?

Or are we dreaming?

Let's assume we are not dreaming. Let's assume that among the cloakroom phrases there is one that says, "Romney was right", referring to Mitt's famous warning about Trump that no one paid any attention to. Another voice says, "Fred did the right thing", referring to Upton, not Trump's late father. Hands go to foreheads. Eyes open. Whatever happens, this can't go on and on and on.

You see, Trump may not give up even today and if he presses for a vote, he will not win,

If it happens

We are in a story. If the next event is media awareness of friction within the GOP, serious potential for a Split, then Trump tweets will contain the word betrayal and he will probably blame Hillary for fomenting it. Whatever.

It will be a sign. Because the inference will then be that there is a tiny little ray of hope that an orderly process of impeachment or 25th Amendment removal can take place. It could be a change in leadership. Ryan would be gone. Upton would be the new leader. A process would have been started. Pipedream? Upton was honest.

He was the first honest voice from the GOP. He flagged hurt and harm. He flagged evil. Truth will out. A wondrous cliche. Let's wait and see.

Hope springs eternal

There is another alarming bit of news that may add weight to these speculations. We always knew Bannon would not leave. That was a false hope. Now Bannon appears to be urging the master to forget the Paris accord and go with the know nothing premises of climate denial. At some point, the negatives get added up. Maybe in the cloakroom, the last straw. A climax is a point at which everything follows to the end. The devout hope of those who want Trump gone is that that moment may be very near.