It was on the campaign trail when Melania Trump said she thought her role as first lady would be something along the lines of traditional. Then she gave Michelle Obama and Pat Nixon as examples of her idea of a traditional first lady.

Now that the White House has confirmed that Melania and Barron will move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in June, she is right on target for that traditional image she was going for. Andrew Och, who is a White House historian said in an interview that bringing her family together under one roof, the White House roof to be exact, is a step in the right direction and a very "traditional move."

Traditional route

He also said that by Melania staying in New York to protect Barron and let him finish out his school year wasn't unheard of, but it "is just a little unusual" that they didn't move into the White House immediately after the inauguration.

Fixing up new digs

Better late than never, and Melania has her hands on getting their new living quarters in the White House in order for their move. According to Fox News, Melania has been "directly involved in arranging" her new house, the White House.


The nation has watched Melania grow into the role of the first lady and each time she steps up to a mic, she looks more confident than the previous time. Talk about being thrust into a world you know absolutely nothing about. Sure, she knew it was a possibility that she would be the nation's first lady, but there was nothing to prepare her for all the verbal and written attacks coming from the media and anti-Trump people that she has endured so far.

She was upfront from the get-go that raising Barron was her first priority regardless of if she became the first lady or not.

Rude awakening for initial welcoming

As far as the delay in moving to the White House, maybe she would have considered earlier if it was a friendly culture for her and her son. She went from being Mrs.

Trump, who was not a recognized face by many, to being the most talked about woman in the world. While Trump supporters tried to make Melania and Barron feel welcome and attempted to let her know they were behind her, just one measly big mouth making it into the headlines could change that welcoming feeling.

Force to be reckoned with

It wasn't just her that was being attacked, it was her 10, now 11-year-old son. He was the target of some disparaging words coming from some pretty famous faces. Let's face it, when Melania stepped out of Trump Tower and onto the campaign trail with her husband, she faced a very crude, cruel and hurtful reality.

Now that she's gotten the lay of the land and actually fought back via lawsuits, she's a force to be reckoned with. If folks give her half the chance they gave Michelle Obama, she may just prove that we have one heck of a first lady in bloom!