The role of being First Lady of the United States is one that holds great power, grace, humility, dignity, beauty, and of course, style. The First Lady is the one that women in America look to for inspiration on how to be a strong, intelligent woman, and aspire to emulate her in some ways. The First Lady is usually garnered as the "ultimate role mode" and "mother" of America. Melania Trump, however, seems to be more of a “statue” that simply stands by number 45’s side for photo-ops than a First Lady who knows how to be her own woman.

Who is Melania Trump?

Melania Trump is a constant topic in the news, whether it's about her facial expressions at public events or the lack of “affection” and “chivalry” her husband shows her. Previous First Ladies like Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, Jackie Kennedy, and Michelle Obama, were each able to create their own “mark” outside of their husbands’ shadows and gain the love of the American people. For example, Betty Ford was a major advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment and the legalization of abortion. Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign aimed to reduce childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle in children. It appears, though, that Mrs. Trump has not yet been able to make her own mark and possibly doesn’t even know how to.

No one really knows what kind of woman Melania Trump is. Judging from a far, she appears to be a “timid mouse” that easily gets trampled over by her extremely loud, egotistic, and narcissistic husband. What we do know about her is that she’s from Slovenia, used to be a model, and posed nude at one point, but we don’t know Melania the person.

Being that she is First Lady of the United States, people should know things such as her passions, how she plans to make her mark as First Lady, and what initiatives she will create to help "make America great again."

Making her mark

Melania Trump needs to find her power, strength and voice, so she can show the American people exactly who she is.

Despite the great disdain most of America holds toward her husband, Melania needs to take a stand and be a First Lady the American people can like. Being First Lady of the U.S. comes with enormous pressure, responsibilities, and duties. Though Melania may not yet feel comfortable being in the First Lady role, she must learn to adapt and take hold of her position. One can only hope that she will eventually come into her own and show she is more than just number 45’s wife.