In an article on "Medium," entitled "Fairy tale princess by choice," Kate Imbach said First Lady Melania Trump is Rapunzel, locked in a tower, with no long locks of hair and no prince to rescue her. A counter article published this morning by "The Federalist," says it's all rubbish. There have been numerous reports that the First Lady said she did not sign up for a husband who is president. There have been no news reports, however, showing these words came out of Melania's mouth. So is she a hostage, or a willing participant?

Will the real Melania Trump please stand up

Since November, there have been photos and videos showing the First Lady looking sad. It's even been suggested she is an abused wife. There has been no documentation however to validate these claims. The "Medium" article is pretty scathing. It paints a picture of the First Lady as a frustrated bird in a gilded cage. A woman who cannot relate to the people, and is not fit for the office of president's wife. "The Federalist," article defends Melania Trump, stating that she is not just a trophy wife locked up in Trump Tower. Which article then would be correct in their assessment of the president's wife? More than likely it's a little of both.

Melania Trump married a billionaire playboy.

Donald Trump was not a politician when he first met his wife. So it stands to reason that the Mrs., had no thoughts of being the First Lady of the United States. Modeling was her chosen career, and she probably was happy with it. A lot of drama has come into Melania's life since her spouse won the election. Not having been a politician's wife, she was not used to, nor ready, for the scrutiny that has come her way.

Issues that did not matter previously now are seen in a different light.

Dissecting the First Lady

All First Ladies are under a microscope when they enter the White House. Melania Trump however has come under fire more than her predecessors, for several reasons. She posed as a nude model, in risqué photo's with another woman.

Her thick accent has also been scrutinized. The fact that she stayed in Trump Towers rather than immediately move to Washington, is a major issue. It's costing tax payers about 146,000 dollars daily for secret service to protect Mrs. Trump and son Baron.

There is also a petition with more than 500,000 signatures calling for her to pay for her own security, or immediately move to Pennsylvania Ave. Another issue is that the wife of the POTUS is not attending functions that other First Ladies have take part in. While residing in Trump Tower, Melania cannot possibly be as efficient as she would be living on Capital Hill.

In truth, Mrs. Donald Trump did not sign up to be dissected like a frog, but it comes with the territory.

Her lack of experience as a political wife is unfortunate. She signed up as a willing participant in the life of a business mogul. She has had no preparation for the life she will live for the next 4 years. In a sense that makes her a hostage to the position of president's wife. So there is a grain of truth to both articles.