This past Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, a group of white supremacists organized a march called “Unite the Right”. Their ignorance and “march” were quickly met with counter-protesters. The “march” instantly became extremely violent with fights breaking out between the protesters and counter-protesters. Then, a car plowed through the counter-protesters that resulted in the tragic death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuries of 19 others.

Racism is very much alive

The videos and images that were taken during the “march” in Charlottesville, VA, were mind-blowing to see.

Our country has progressed so much in regard to equality and racism compared to how things use to be back in the day. The actions that took place in Charlottesville however, greatly showed that there are still people who would like our country to go back to its “old ways”.

What was also shocking about the events in Charlottesville, was the lack of law enforcement to take control of the situation. Those white supremacists’ protesters were able to reek as much havoc as they wanted with little police interference until the brawls occurred. If it were a group of African Americans however, that did what those white supremacists did, there would have been a great number of law enforcement out in the streets and they would have physically fought against the African Americans.

Number 45's stance

President Trump’s statement on Charlottesville was vague at best with him saying in short “there was wrong done on both sides”. His statement wasn’t the least bit shocking for the simple fact his entire election campaign was built on dividing people of all colors and “class”. He can’t condemn the white supremacists because he has showed time and time again that he without a doubt is one himself.

Those white supremacists felt comfortable enough to organize such a “march” because the “leader of the free world” empowers them and their views.

A call to action

The events that took place in Charlottesville, VA, are some that America will never forget. It is absolutely horrifying to think that in the year 2017, we are still dealing with great matters and issues of racism and inequality as if we are living in the days of Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. People are not born with racism, bigotry and hatred in their heart, they are taught it.

We are living in deeply terrifying times that demand a Call To Action. The unity of all races is what makes America a great country to live in. It is imperative that we all unite and stand together to fight against those who want to divide people based off the color of their skin because; having people of all different colors, shapes and sizes is what makes this country great and beautiful.