The United Stated had information about ISIS activities in afghanistan and the network of tunnels they used to carry out their attacks on the US advisers positioned in Afghanistan and the Afghan forces. Therefore, to put an end to their designs, Donald Trump decided to use a non-nuclear bomb to destroy the tunnel network and cripple the outfit. These tunnels were in the in Nangarhar, and neighboring Kunar province and the bomb targeted this location near the border with Pakistan.

What is this MOAB?

New Zealand Herald reports that the bomb used in operation was a 21,000-pound device GBU-43B, also known as Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) in the US military, and this was the first time it has been deployed against an enemy.

The bomb explodes in the air after it is released and generates a massive shockwave which, in turn, forces the tunnels to collapse. The result is the total annihilation of the enemy. In the opinion of General John Nicholson, Commander of us troops in Afghanistan, the losses suffered by the ISIS is increasing, and they have resorted to methods like IEDs, bunkers, and tunnels to augment their defenses.

Incidentally, the ISIS cell in Afghanistan is suspected of having carried out several attacks and have repeatedly clashed with the Afghan Taliban, which wants to overthrow the U.S.-backed government in Kabul. The resultant ongoing tussle has led to continued violence in the country.

Donald Trump is satisfied

Observers look at this MOAB drop in Afghanistan as Trump’s message to North Korea and when asked about it, he admitted that the country is a problem that will be taken care of. He expressed faith in the abilities of President Xi Jinping of China to rise to the occasion and extend necessary help to rein in the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang and ensure peace in the region.

Donald Trump termed the action in Afghanistan as a successful event and lauded the military that had made it a success. He went on to add that the achievements of the last eight weeks were different to the achievements over the last eight years.

There is no doubt that, with every passing day, he is revealing his vision of the future and letting the world know that he is determined to tackle problem areas with a firm hand.

His recent activities prove that he knows which medicine will work for which disease and, therein lies his strength – he keeps everyone guessing. The non-Nuclear Bomb dropped in Afghanistan has sent a clear message to those who rely on a network of tunnels to maintain their activities away from prying eyes and should act as a deterrent.