Presidential candidate Donald trump boxed his then-unlikely presidency into a corner with his “Contract with the American Voter.” The two-page document placed a self-imposed 100-day limit on the Trump White House to accomplish 18 goals and work “with Congress” on 10 legislative proposals. April 29 marks the 100th day. Here is a look at how he is doing.

Drain the swamp

Trump proposed six regulations aimed at cleaning up the corruption in the nation’s Capitol. The White House accomplished three, one was already illegal and another, a five-year ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments is a little less probable than this president releasing his tax returns.

Trump imposed a hiring a freeze on federal openings and is working to reduce the federal workforce. An executive order requires federal agencies to reduce a pair of regulations for each new rule. A third is partly accomplished. White House officials who were not lobbyists before working in this administration are under a five-year ban from lobbying. Trump said he would put Congress under the same rule, but he doesn’t control Congress. Similarly, the president cannot impose term limits on federal lawmakers.

American workers

The Trump White House, at least in the opening days, has failed to protect American workers. The only accomplishment of the seven promised in the first 100 Days has been support for the Keystone Pipeline.

While energy was wasted on Tweets, tantrums and repealing Obamacare or a wall on the Mexican border, nothing has been accomplished on cancelling UN payments in favor of infrastructure investment. Trump flip-flopped on declaring China a currency manipulator and he is not renegotiating NAFTA.

Constitution and Security

Candidate Trump made five promises regarding “security and the constitutional rule of law.” Ironically, one was to cancel all funding to sanctuary cities.

While the White House controls some spending to cities, the Constitution declares Congress provides the funds for everything.

However, the White House has scored well on the front. In addition, the Feds are continuing to round up and expel illegal aliens. Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch was approved to the Supreme Court, in spite of Democrats refusing to vote for him.

Some of the former president’s orders were cancelled by this administration. However, there was an early setback when judges twice deemed EOs banning immigrants form terror-prone regions were unconstitutional.

Legislative front

Trump offered a 10-proposal new plan that has gone nowhere. The president’s insistence on funding for the wall threatens to shut down the government. His tax"reform" plan is anything but simple. Rather than improving the ACA, Trump and Republican leaders in Congress want to destroy a bad system that is part of America.

None of this was necessary. They have a proposal, the Affordable and Childcare Act, which would be received favorably by the public and both parties, but has gone nowhere. Legislation in infrastructure would be warmly welcomed, but it sits on the backburners.