The caption of this striking photo is "Will trump swallow the GOP whole?" The answer, of course, is no. Trump could care less about the GOP. That is not where his head is. It is on Fake News and conspiracy theories and there it will remain. Axios is salient on this matter and on many others. It will be your news dose from the middle of Manhattan this morning. The story is that the right wing is not going anywhere.

France goes its own way

Even with the results in France? The dominant feeling one gets in the wake of a seemingly sane brake on nativism applied in France, where Le Pen was the also-ran, was, "Let France be France.

We shall dance with our premises forever." The moral? Whatever happens in the rest of the world, see that you are not swallowed by Trump, whoever you are, wherever you are. That gaping maw is trying to consume your consciousness. Watch this,

Meanwhile, the real world has some input

Yes, reality is all, and therefore it is important to consider that everybody's darling energy solution may not be quite the panacea it was supposed to be. The minds behind renewables are being helped by incremental advances that suggest that sun, wind, and waves may gain more market share than we thought.

The power lies with actual on-the-ground winning. Fake news and Trump pirouettes wear thin. Here is the nuclear status quo.

There is the Trump show and there is tech

The power pf the right wing fantasy world is that it exempts one from thinking.

It means you just go with the whim of the moment. The flavor of the day. Its reality is palpable if the one caught in its sway happens to be the ruler of the free world. All one has to do to see the power of a single individual is look at Mr. Putin. With nothing, he has spun himself into a dominant position. Beware a person who is totally wrong about everything who also thinks.

The best thing Trump had as a businessman is the fact that half the buying public is mesmerized by his tacky offerings.

'Monday, Monday"

So the new week begins. Time does not fail us. The preparation Trump brings to the table is the effusions of conspiracy theories and the enthusiasms of his right wing cadre which includes Newt Gingrich and a fellow named Steve Bannon who believes that Muslims are the scum of the earth.

Cleaving to some universal values can help us through the maze we confront. To attain truth, beauty, and justice we need to practice tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Trump is real, folks. Fight him.