Soap fans are always eager for a long held secret to come out. Today, "General Hospital" let a big cat out of the bag. Jasper Jax admitted to his ex wife carly that he paid one million dollars to obtain a kidney for their daughter Joselyn. The kidney donor just happened to be the younger daughter of the man who married Carly's adopted mother. Frank Benson sold his own young daughter's kidney to make a million bucks, and the recipient of the organ is the daughter of his wife's adopted daughter.

Nell: the girl from hell

Nell, the organ donor, grew up, and found out about the money, then tracked Carly down.

She ingratiated herself into the Corinthos family, working as Carly's assistant. Nell believed wrongly that her adopted older sister was the one responsible for her pain after the surgery. She set a plan in motion and ended up in bed with Carly's husband, Sonny. At least, she says they slept together. The way "GH" had the story written, Nell put a drunken Sonny in bed, then took off her clothes and climbed in with him. So it is not even definite that anything happened between them. Even so, Nell's actions tore the Corinthos family apart.

The arrogance of Jasper Jax

Carly and Sonny were baffled when Nell kept saying that Carly caused her to have a kidney ripped out. Nell does not understand why Mr.

and Mrs. Corinthos continue to deny Carly's role. Nobody (on the show), knew until today, that Jax is the one who purchased the kidney. Jasper Jax has always been an arrogant playboy type, throwing his money around to get what he wants.. He told his ex today that he would have sold his soul to find a kidney. When today's episode ended, Jax was meeting with Nell, and told her she was wrong about Carly.

Will Nell believe the facts, or will she think that yet another man is protecting her older adopted sibling? Nell has so much animosity toward Mrs. Corinthos that she will probably block the truth. At any rate the cat is out of the bag, and if "General Hospital" stays true to form, this issue will not be resolved any time soon.