We have known for some time that Solar was leading coal as the place where jobs are now to be found. In the future that will be all the more so. The jobs are not distributed evenly. But the figures do not lie.

The future holds out hope that all forms of onerous sweat work done by ordinary people who deserve better will be rendered unnecessary by technology.

Hauled away

Everything changes for those whose lives were once wrapped up in coal and for the world that can begin to see light at the end of the pollution tunnel. But every change will not be without difficulty.

All those now retrofitting homes out in the exurbs may find themselves empty-handed when economic conditions make commuting impossible. Elon Musk and Google with their self-driving cars may encounter walls they never dreamed of hitting.

Does France have a James Comey?

If anything is predictable it is that James Comey will be a name for a person who intentionally or accidentally influences what should be a fair democratic process. France appears to have such a person in Jean-Luc Melenchon, a well-known left politician who has little love for the centrist victor who is suspected of favoring market forces that are anathema to this potential James Comey.

Whether this will materialize in the May election as a decisive event, there can be little doubt that from now on the name of our FBI director and intervenor-in-chief will be appended to any event where there is a hint of interference.

American business is looking for results, how about imagination?

American business as the tweet below suggests has had more than a 10 percent bounce since Trump became president.

According to today;s New York TImes, the folks on Wall Street and beyond are clamoring for results. This is a huge irony. They have had results and people participate in the market because of what they experience, not merely because of what they hope. All of the nasty things Trump has done to immigrants and Obama's legacy are perfectly fine with American business.

It is hypocritical to think otherwise.

Where are we now?

We are clearly linked to what happens wherever it happens. This will only increase. We will get renewables one way or another. And even with all the nattering that goes on in media and business, there are things in place that do not result in awarding to business any awards for being putting customers first. They are on the one percent Trump train.