Ben German is the mind behind the Axios newsletter Generate and he begins today's missive with a note on the fact that coal is another one of trump's daydreams, a convenient dog whistle but no recipe for prosperity in the future. The evidence is in a report issued by Columbia University.

The long and short

Obama-era restrictions have been savaged by Trump in preparation for letting goal back with all its liabilities. But coal has suffered a 49 percent decline because of natural gas and renewables competition.

Global demand has also dimmed the future for coal. China, in particular, seems to be going the renewables route. The verdict is that savaging Obama, as usual, hurts Trump more than it helps him. Coal would decline rules or no.

Tolerance is stronger than prejudice

Tolerance is not Mr. Trump's strong suit. He does not like stairways or mosquitos. And in considering Muslims he listens to Mr. Bannon and Pam Geller, neither of some have been known to favor tolerating anything Islamic. But tolerance happens to be a universal value and a sign of goodness in those who practice it. It is, like all values, a choice. Donald could decide to be tolerant and take steps to alter his executive orders and proposed legislation.

It would be a push, but he could do it.

If Trump were to go tolerant, he would become an instant winner. His popularity would rise. The GOP would scratch its head. Dreamers would dream again. The president would also be on the side of history. History moves toward the good, slowly as individuals cotton to it. It is an inner quality of all, part of the reality we call conscience.

We are naturally tolerant, We have flexibility and strength, the two characteristics that best represent what tolerance is.

Trump's best friend is the UN

When I worked for UN agencies I used to stare up at a tall new Trump structure up First Avenue and lament, never thinking the developer would save a failing career by becoming president.

I spend much of my time demeaning him for his various offenses. But my faith requires that I forgive him daily and I do. There is always hope. And who is to say that providence itself does not have a reason for Trump that most cannot perceive?

This is a prolog to the assertion that the UN could be Trump's best friend. The UN is not about to take anyone's sovereignty away. Anyway sovereignty belongs to each individual before any state or another claimant. I believe Trump will end up being a big time UN fan.