On Wednesday night three high profile political donors to the #Trump campaign – #Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and Firebrand Detroit musician #Ted Nugent – were treated to an elite dinner extravaganza at the White House and apparently we were all meant to feel cozy about it.

News reports and photos on Ted Nugent's feed told us all about how President Trump gave his A-list supporters an exclusive dinner and a full tour – including the bed that a former president's son died in. The President also gave his elite guests a roaming chat about policy, entertainment and political issues.

Sounds like giving money to presidents get you big perks, then.

Nugent parties with the president

Mr Nugent, who is known for his guitar playing and love of hunting, gave a deep glimpse and a keen insiders look into a highly entertaining and gracious president who was proud to show off his surroundings and share his wealth and generosity. #Nugent described the night as a 's**kicker' and shared how he and the President talked about amongst other things, North Korea and the Supreme Court. This, as they nibbled on lobster salad and a dinner of lamb.

Nugent, a 68-year-old conservative activist and singer who loves hunting, was only one of an exclusive A-list group of guests at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that night, with #Sarah Palin and #Kid Rock upping the ante for celebrity sightings.

Nothing about the dinner was publicized in the media and it wasn't exposed in press briefings, but it sounds like a perfect coup d'etat to paint Trump as a gracious host and likable guy. This clearly has political exercise written all over it and was no doubt cooked up to improve Trump's dire approval ratings.

Four hours at the White House

Mr Nugent spoke excitedly, it sounds, to the New York Times the next day in a phone interview. Apparently they all stayed at the Washington DC #White House for four fours, which, considering they are presidential hours, equals about eight human hours. Nugent expressed amazement at President Trump's generosity in giving his time and his efforts and his insights, describing how they saw the rooms, the carpets and the Monet.

A snap shot of Hillary Clinton

The A-list group all toured the executive residence at the #White House and then there was the memorable and highly publicized photographic moment in front of #Hillary Clinton's portrait. The world was thus treated to a photo of Sarah Palin looking rather contemptuous in front of Trump's former presidential-candidate enemy. The word 'sneering' was used in a New York Times article to describe Palin's visage. #Ted Nugent had added in his interview that one of the three guests had suggested that they give the middle finger beneath the #Clinton portrait.

Sean Spicer talks it up

Even though we were told that the whole affair wasn’t a media bash and hadn’t been a part of the President's official diary, the next day the White House press secretary #Sean Spicer talked it up.

He said the meeting had been a token of Trump's appreciation for Palin’s continuing and gregarious support in his successful election campaign that fired to a successful end in 2016.

Nugent then went all warm and gooey and described the whole night as a family reunion, adding that none of the guests expected such a show of openness and warmth from the #President-elect. This was when they were shown the bed that #President Lincoln's son died in, which seems to be an odd way to show your appreciation to a group of financial backers. The photos made into social media the next day.

A basked Alaska

The small party ate dinner and a dessert of baked Alaska to honor Sarah Palin who is from Alaska. And the fact that the dessert baked Alaska has nothing to do with Alaska was lost it seems on everyone.