Donald Trump: Out of Control Personal Spending: Donald Trump ran on the promise of slashing federal budgets and saving the taxpayers millions. He vowed to cut taxes for virtually all Americans. Trump also went as far as to attack the Obama family’s “reckless” spending on luxuries and vacations claiming they lived a “lavish” life on the taxpayer’s dollar while in the White House. He also labeled their “excessive” vacations as a problem claiming that there would be no time for golf or other pleasures while working to get America back on track.

While Trump very well may reduce federal spending levels and may make the tax cuts he promised while he is POTUS, he sure isn’t cutting his personal budget for the luxuries and vacations.

This has enraged many Americans after he spent over a year on the campaign trail slamming the Obama family for taking too many vacations. Between the Secret Service having to be paid to protect Trump Tower around the clock and Trump’s every weekend golfing escapades in Mar-A-Lago, he is outspending Obama at a stunning rate. The question most people are asking by now is 'Just how much our hard-earned tax money is the Trump family spending?' Be prepared to have your mind totally blown!

Donald Trump: where is the money going?

Where is Donald Trump spending all this money you may ask? So far about $60 million has been spent just securing the Trump Towers in New York City. This breaks down to an astounding $127,000 to $146,000 per day spent keeping the towers safe and this is mainly spent on pay for the NYPD personnel who secure the towers.

Air Force One costs $180,000 per hour any time a member of the Trump family fly back and forth between New York City and Washington D.C. The flight between NYC and DC takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the flight.

Additionally, about $3.7 million has been spent in Palm Beach, Florida on security to keep the Trump family safe every time they visit Mar-A-Lago which is basically every single weekend.

Additionally, hundreds of thousands have been spent on trips that Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Trump Jr. have taken since their father became POTUS just about 3 months ago. These numbers don’t even cover the cost of the salaries of the Secret Service members or their airfare flying on Air Force One to keep Trump safe. Having said that, the actual costs of what Trump’s version of the first family is spending will likely even soar much higher than estimated above.

Donald Trump: is his spending hypocritical?

Many people have become concerned about the amount of money the Trump family is spending while they are in the White House. Many claims are that after running a campaign slamming the Obama family for “excessive spending” for well over a year that Trump is being nothing short of a hypocrite. This is tax money the people work hard to earn and then pay over to the government for things that should benefit the people. Many people claim that one of those things tax dollars should not be covering is the president’s “excessive” vacation fund.

To put it into context, Obama spent an average of $12.8 million a year on vacations. That’s no small amount of money to be certain.

However, Trump is on target to spend that and then some in his first 100 days. Trump is expected to spend more in one year as president than the entire Obama family did in 8 years.

Donald Trump: why this really angers people

On one level, many people believe that Trump is being hypocritical for criticizing the Obama family for their “lavish” lifestyle spending, only to turn around and outspend the Obama family at a stunning rate. Others are angry not just because of how much money Trump and his family are spending but because they won’t acknowledge that they are billionaires yet are spending all the taxpayers’ money for their luxury expenses instead. Either way, one thing is for certain and that is that despite donating his salary to charity Trump sure isn’t holding back on spending on his luxuries and vacations. Many Americans are livid about it!