There is no perfect person, presidents included. However, every U.S. president since I've been voting has conducted themselves with decorum, and discretion. All except Barack Obama and Donald Trump were in a pre-Twitter world. Former president Obama used Social Media to keep his followers up on current events. President Trump continues to use Twitter as a bully pulpit. He referred to Barack Obama as a "bad sick guy," when falsely accusing him of wiretapping Trump Tower. President Trump has continued with daily tweets that stoke the flames of his ardent supporters, and cause most everyone else to cringe.

His latest target is "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd and NBC news.

The president behaves like a grade school bully

The leader of the free world continues to behave as if he were still in elementary school. He tweeted that he wondered when Chuck Todd and NBC will report about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, and referred to Todd as "Sleepy eyes." I remember being bullied in grade school. My last name was Jones, but because I was thin one girl referred to me as Cheryl Bones. This same girl would sit in the school hallway and say something bad about everyone that walked by. To see a 70-year-old man (the President of the United States) resort to name-calling is disturbing.

The truth about Russia will come out

At what point will our 45th president stop trying to divert people away from Russia? Should irrefutable evidence be presented, will he call it alternative facts and keep going? Does the president believe he can stonewall the American people forever? Eventually the truth about Russia will come to light, and if it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our leader is guilty, I do not see him admitting it.

He will probably say he was framed by Hillary Clinton, or the Obama administration. He most likely will blame the news media for fake news and say that those who decide to prosecute him are bad, sick guys. This is a very serious situation, but rather than treat it as such, our POTUS is acting like a grade school bully.