Tonight was the second episode of season two of "Greenleaf." The show is produced by Oprah Winfrey and airs on her OWN network. Show time is 9:00 p.m. Est on Wednesday nights. The Greenleaf family, all are part Calvary Church, which is a mega church. The definition of a megachurch is one with 2,000 or more members. The series gives intimate detail of hat takes place behind the scenes after the church doors close.

The Greenleaf clan

Calvary mega church is pastored by Bishop James Greenleaf, whose wife, and daughter are also pastors in the ministry.

A son David recently left to co-pastor another church. He had a conflict with his sister Grace, who returned home from another state, and began preaching, while he sat on the sidelines. This is the running issue in each and every episode. Grace feeling conflicted, unsure of her faith, yet she gets in the pulpit and preaches. Tonight when the teenage daughter said they should pray, Grace responded that she did not believe it would do any good.

Various other family members also hold paid positions in the ministry. With the exception of David and his family who just moved out, all the other Greenleaf children, their spouses, and their own children live in the mansion. Everyone seems to have their own separate wing.

They come together, however, at the dinner table. These adult Men And Women continue to be subservient to their father and his wife "Lady Mae." Because they live in the mansion and work for the church, they probably do not have much of choice.

The mega church

During weekdays, the church office area is filled with employees. It looks just like any secular corporation in America and appears to run like any well-oiled machine.

The difference is, as the church employees great each other, it is with church lingo and often using titles. Men and women who pass each other in the halls, will nod and say good morning, followed by Bishop, pastor, deacon, sister or brother. At times one person will say, "God is good," to which the response is always, "All the time."

The plot thickens

On tonight's episode "Grace Greenleaf", who recently returned to town with her teenage daughter returned home from a date in the wee hours of the morning.

When her daughter questioned her, she replied that nothing happened. She and her gentleman friend only talked about Grace's uncle who she wants to see in jail because he molested her younger sister. This has been the running theme since season one. It is implied, that Uncle Mac, the brother of Lady Mae preys on young girls. Grace has made it her mission to take him down. He believes, however, that he is untouchable.

The plot of Greenleaf continues to go along at a slow, predictable pace. Bishop James and Lady Mae are determined to keep the church doors open at any cost. Their offspring are caught up in the pretense of living as perfect church folk, but each week their flaws and human failures shine through loud and clear.

There are never any big cliffhangers, or huge reveals that keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Still, the show has garnered viewers who tune in each week. Greenleaf is basically about routine. It's a series of events that many people around the world adhere to on a weekly basis. Struggling through the issues of life during the week, the putting on the choir robe deaconess hat or preacher collar for church on Sunday. Tae off the garments on Sunday evening, only to begin the routine again on Monday. And like Grace Greenleaf, perform their duties while searching for personal fulfillment.