CNN just put another nail in the coffin of Bill Cosby. The network aired a 30 year old interview Cosby did with Larry King, where the comic joked about using the aphrodisiac Spanish fly. When I was a teenager, my mother told me never to drink anything that someone else offered me. She said they might slip a "mickey" in it. She was referring to aphrodisiacs, such as Spanish Fly, that would render a woman defenseless against sexual assault. At that time in the 1970's, Spanish Fly was sold on the advertisement page of certain magazines.

Was he joking or admitting wrong doing

To be fair, it is entirely possible as some have suggested, that Mr. Cosby was joking. When he spoke to Larry King, it could have been in a totally satirical manner. In this day and age however, sexual assault is no joking matter. Things were much different 3 decades ago. I grew up in a culture, where little boys tried to look under little girls dresses. Older boys would pat a girl's backside or rub up against her in the lunch line. Sometimes teenage boys would try to touch girls breasts.

My friends and I would giggle and push them away, because we thought this was a normal part of growing up. Thank God no one was ever molested or raped. The boys did what they did away from the eyes of parents and teachers.

And of course we did not know to tell anyone. We just grew through it into adulthood. Perhaps the sexual climate of 30 years ago, is exactly why Bill Cosby believed he could joke to Larry King about using Spanish fly. That day of boys will be boys however is over. If young boys still do such things to girls, and if Bill Cosby did such an interview in 2017, the behavior would quickly be considered as inappropriate.

And even if Bill Cosby was joking with Larry King, many in today's society will consider it as evidence that the once beloved icon is guilty of all charges.

The reason the interview is nailing his coffin shut

If Bill Cosby was optimistic, he should now be concerned. The reason is the CNN interview just added nails to his coffin so to speak.

A number of the women who claim to have been assaulted by Mr. Cosby have all had one thing in common. They all said that Bill Cosby drugged them. Each one allowed him to give them a drink. And it was after that drink, they said that they were unable to defend themselves against the alleged assault. The assumption has been that Bill Cosby used some type of drug on these women. And now this interview surfaces where he talks about using Spanish Fly. One thing Cosby said that I know is not true. With a very sly grin on his face, he told Larry King that all men from age 11 till death used Spanish Fly. No Mr. Cosby, most men allow women to consent, and are man enough to take no for an answer.