Late Thursday night it was reported that retired Gen. Michael Flynn was willing to flip on the White House in regards to the ongoing Russian scandal as long as he was offered immunity. After reports on Friday indicated that an immunity deal was not being considered, Flynn's son was quick to fire back.

Flynn's dead deal

Not long after Donald Trump pulled off the upset and defeated Hillary Clinton to become the new president, he quickly started filling his administration with people he thought he could trust. One of those names is Michael Flynn, who was tapped as the next National Security Adviser.

Just weeks after taking on the job, Flynn was busted for having engaged in communication with Russian officials, and allegedly lying about it while speaking to Vice President Mike Pence. Flynn was forced to resign, but has been willing to accept an immunity deal in exchange for his testimony during the Intelligence Committee's hearing on Russian interference in the election. As reported by Mediaite on March 31, the Senate Intelligence Committee has turned down Flynn's offer, which didn't go over well with his son.

As originally reported by MSNBC on Friday, the Senate Intelligence Committee is "not receptive, at this time, to Michael Flynn's statement suggesting he would testify in exchange for immunity." Reporter Kasie Hunt confirmed the news, citing two sources close to the situation.

In addition, Hunt also reported that immunity was "not on the table at this time."

Family affair

Not long before the latest news broke, Michael Flynn Jr. lashed out on Twitter with his thoughts, using the Trump-favorite term of "Fake News" to express his opinion.

"Is anyone surprised the Mike Flynn #fakenews came out A DAY AFTER the @EvelynNFarkas bombshell....???" Flynn Jr. rhetorically asked, before adding, "I'm not..."

Michael Flynn Jr's remarks were in relation to a Fox News report that claimed Evelyn Farkas, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia in the Obama administration, had rushed to disclose information about the Trump administration, though that report has not been confirmed. The younger Flynn continued to re-tweet several other comments and stories that accused the media of promoting "fake news" against his father.