After the ousting of #Fox News host Bill O'Reilly one has to ask if the parent company 21St Century Fox has the modern workplace worked out. How can so many cases of sexual harassment be encountered without any major action taken against the accused?

It is well known that the parent company signed #Bill O'Reilly for another few years and a new contract just as two more sexual harassment claims came to light in 2016, this as #Roger Ailes was being taken to task for his own sexual harassment missteps. Instead of taking the O'Reilly claims seriously and wondering if perhaps the host was unfit to serve, 21st Century Fox decided to continue his contract and thus illustrated that their attitude was one of business-as-usual pragmatism, the sort of cynical pragmatism that ignores a woman's right to a fair workplace.

Business-as-usual doesn't cut it anymore

Well, it isn't Business As Usual for #modern women anymore. Women are increasingly fighting back against the workplace harassment that we have had to endure for so many decades. Not only do women have to face mounting issues when faced with childcare and maternity, but we must also deal with sexism and the glass ceiling, and it's enough. Enough sexism, misogyny and sexual harassment.