Betsy DeVos is not mentally defective, she's more like smart as a tack. You can get a slant on her by looking at what she has done. If one had to pick two things they would be charter schools and privatization. Add two more: money and Donald Trump. She is currently dealing with one of the most tangled webs in all creation, the Department of Education which she heads by appointment of her friend the President. But it does not seem that she will exactly dismantle the monolithic bureaucracy. She may prune it to her liking.

Unfortunately, this has resulted, the New York Times suggests, in chaos.

She has just signed a death warrant to the present way the government manages student loans, a $1.3 trillion chunk of cash owed by 43 million students. The confusion is immense. But there may be a method to it. To understand this you will need to immerse yourself in the complex story noted in the Tweet below.

Some companies are at fault

The Times says the present system can be "opaque, sloppy and bungled" owing to the service given by the private companies that collect for the feds. Creating a single system seems unlikely as it would repeat the pattern of Obamacare. The hidden agenda might be to help some of the worst private loan collectors stay in business and prosper on student pain for the foreseeable future.

More to the big bomb story

Here are two things you may not have known about the fabled big bomb. Such a bomb was not used before because it has a much wider potential effect than just obliterating a square mile of the world. It can also take out people within a much wider radius and the only reason it didn't in last week's action is because most people have left the area.

There is another problem which is almost comical in an odd way. Whatever the recent big bomb performance achieved, the big one is useless in most places. Why? Because you deliver it in what the Times calls a "lumbering cargo plane". A light goes on! The big bomb requires that be delivered only where there is no air defense.

About the only place the weapon could have been used was where it went down.

A lumbering cargo plane?

Kevin Durant

The story accessible in the tweet above revives and focuses the continuing heartbreak in America. That heartbreak is felt by those who continue to mourn for Trayvon and the Charleston dead.

It is felt by surviving elders who once saw Martin and Bobby and Medgar in the flesh and recall the death of the beloved community. It is in the families of those who have lost loved ones and relatives to violence by others and their own hand. It is all fodder for penitence on this day before Easter.