A just released video has given more proof, that the fans of Beyoncé Knowles need to get lives of their own. The Beehive's obsession will all things Beyoncé is well fanatic. it is unhealthy and, appears to be getting worse.Their obsession with this woman is very much like a fatal attraction. Of course Queen Bey adds fuel to the fire, as she did with recent actions, regarding her unborn twins..

Beyoncé's role in the fatal attraction

Celebrities have always had over zealous fans. For the most part it was contained to screaming at concerts, or chasing a car when the show is over.

Young girls fainted when the Beatles first came on the scene. People have always read magazines and tabloids, in order to get the latest scoop, and stay current with the activities of their favorite singers, musicians, actors, and actresses. What is going on now regarding Ms. Knowles however is frightening, and even dangerous. And she herself is adding fuel to the fire.

According to the video, queen Bey may be dropping hints to her legions of followers regarding the sex of her unborn children. She has been spotted wearing blue, pink and lots of floral. Fans are reportedly going wild in anticipation , of trying to figure out if their idol is having twin boys, twin girls or one of each. Or if she is going to give the babies names based on flowers.

There was a time when celebrities desired to be appreciated for their craft, and kept their personal lives private. Today's entertainers seem to enjoy letting the fans in on all their private moments. Beyoncé has been known for years, to drop hints, tease, and give little tidbits of knowledge, that kept her crazed fans coming back for more.

Why the fans need their own lives

Any obsessive attraction is not good, even for married couples. Psychologists even say that husbands and wives need a break from each other, And should have separate interests in order for the relationship to remain healthy. The Beehive is on the job 24/7 regarding all things Beyoncé. They will go on Twitter attacking people for any slight, real or imagined against their beloved entertainer.

There is nothing wrong with admiring someone's talent, or supporting them by attending concerts or purchasing their products. Something is however very wrong when you obsess over details of their personal life that should be private.. Think about Michael Jackson, covering his child's face with a blanket and dangling him over a balcony for fans to get a look. And how his admirers screamed with glee, and they did not even see a face.

The millions who belong to the Beehive need their own lives, for their own mental well being. Surely they realize they are perfect strangers to Beyoncé. They are defending and obsessing over someone who would not even recognize them if she saw them in the street. Beyoncé is probably laughing all the way to the bank. She is profiting big time from the band of misguided misfits who adore her. And these loyal subjects are probably surviving on minimum wage jobs.